What is Sotol?

Hailing from Northern Mexico, sotol is a spirit that isn’t derived from the agave plant like its Southern Mexican spirit brethren. It’s made with the sotol plant, scientifically known as dasylirion, a genus of plants that is strangely enough part of the asparagus family. Sotol is in a similar place to where mezcal was just a few short years ago; it lends itself to much exploration and growth.

rocky hole in earth

Our Process

Harvest 65-130lb piñas during November-May from the Chihuahuan desert in Durango using hand-crafted proprietary coas.

Cook piñas in a volcanic rock pit oven using mezquite for three days.

Shred the sotol fibers prior to undergoing a natural fermentation without the use of cultivated yeast.

Distill liquid twice in 350 liter copper pot stills to preserve and enhance the natural Sotol flavors.

Our Inspiration and Design

Quechol was inspired by its very meaning “precious feather” and was often found in ancient Aztec (Nahuatl) poetry referenced as a divine bird with colorful plumage. Amantecas, known as feather workers, would often create intricate headdresses for their people from the many colorful birds of their region.

green cactus leaves
green cactus leaves


The producer of Quechol is family owned and operated, and is dedicated to creating traditional spirits in an environmentally friendly fashion. Together we are committed to putting mother earth first and making it our priority to become leaders in sustainable desert spirits production.