Colorfully crafted sotol made in small batches using time-honored traditions.

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Our Story

Quechol is made in small batches using time-honored traditions that are thoughtfully passed down from one generation of sotoleros to the next. These unique processes can yield subtle differences in the flavors of each batch, making every bottle of Quechol as rare as the sotoleros who make it. This radiant sotol is a spirit that soars, much like the eloquent poems of Nahuatl tradition.


Fresh jalapeños give way to delicate sweet notes of anise.


Mild and tame with prominent and juicy flavors of black licorice.

Our Process

Sourced from the Chihuahuan desert in Durango, the Dasylirion plants thrive in dry conditions with extreme climates. Proprietary coas, crafted by our Sotoleros and stronger than the ones you might see used to harvest blue weber agave, are used to harvest the piñas during November-May to avoid the rainy season. The piñas are then cooked in a volcanic rock pit oven, which can contain up to 10-12 tons, using mezquite for three days.


While each of our sotols is carefully crafted to stand on its own, the bold flavors of Quechol make for beautiful bases to your favorite classic cocktails as well as your newest experimentations.

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